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The Function of Beauty Skin Care – Promotes Immunity and More

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Function of Beauty Skin Care

The Function of Beauty Skin Care: Skin is the structure that covers our body, protecting us from the outside. That is, it acts as if it were a barrier.

Good skin is achieved thanks to a good diet, avoiding excessive exposure to harmful external agents such as solar radiation, pollution, stress, etc.

All of these factors will help our largest organ stay healthy and radiant. And you know, good skin is the best reflection of your health.

What is the function of beauty skin care?

Do you remember the armor warriors wore in the Middle Ages to protect their lands and castles? Well, something similar to that armor is your skin against external aggression.

Our body is exposed daily to microorganisms such as pollution, viruses, and bacteria, and the skin is the barrier that prevents them from entering the body. That is why it is essential to take care of it daily.

Other functions of the skin are:

Regulates body temperature. Protects from extreme temperatures, both cold, and heat.

It is a source of information through touch. It has many nerve endings that act as receptors for pain, heat, texture, etc.

Secretion of substances. Toxins are expelled through the skin, such as through sweat.

Product absorption. The main ingredients of serums or skin care creams are absorbed, such as vitamin C or retinol.

Protects against the sun’s rays. That is why it is essential to use photo protectors throughout the year that act against free radicals and allow the skin to regenerate after sun exposure.

Generates alarm. If your body suffers from abnormality, your skin reacts with redness, discomfort, or some condition as an alarm signal.

How do you protect the protective barrier of the skin?

Taking care of the skin so that the protective barrier remains in good condition and can perform its functions is essential to look healthy and radiant.

Take note of our advice to take care of the skin’s protective barrier:

  • Maintain a balanced and varied diet with ample fruits and vegetables.
  • Take care of skin hydration. In addition to drinking about 2 liters of water a day, you must provide extra nutrition to your skin with creams and specific treatments to maintain that hydration.
  • If your skin is oily or acne-prone, we recommend Garnier’s Pure Active line, your great ally for deep hygiene.
  • It consists of a solid soap and cleansing gel. Peels mask for blackheads and T-zone, anti-blackhead strips, a scrub for deep exfoliation, and various cleansers.
  • In addition, it is recommended to perform an exfoliation once a week to remove dead cells and regenerate the skin.
  • Bet on Garnier Pure Active Carbon, cleaning and exfoliation 3 in 1.
  • Protect your skin with sunscreen after moisturizer. Do it every day, whatever the season and the weather.
  • The sun’s rays are harmful both in winter and in summer.

promotes immunity:

  • Specific cells in our skin work directly with our immune system to prevent bacteria, viruses, and other foreign bodies from entering our body and negatively affecting us.
  • In this sense, cells such as Langerhans, phagocytic, and epidermal dendritic cells stand out.
  • Therefore, it could be said that within this protective function, the skin prevents foreign and infectious substances from entering our body, making us sick.

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