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Sustainable Luxury Beauty – Brands to Know

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Sustainable Luxury Beauty: Everyone talks about sustainability. The world of luxury beauty is no exception as global standards increase and consumers want to shop more responsibly.

Sustainable Luxury Beauty Brands to Know


  • Created by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandre, 111Skin is a range of cutting-edge products inspired by the skin’s healing process.
  • Directing on prevention rather than repair, the brand’s flagship formula is called NAC Y2, and also which is a trio of dynamic fixings that stimulates the production of the body’s most potent intracellular antioxidant.
  • The results are younger and smoother skin.
  • Every 111Skin product is free of parabens, toxins, and beeswax, and the brand is part of the Ethical Trading Initiative.
  • The entire business is green and innovative, resulting in a skincare line that is as thoughtful as it is effective.

Saar cream and balm

  • A brand of luxury balms and oils handcrafted in small batches based solely on distilling organic flowers and beeswax, nothing more.
  • Its packaging exudes love and passion for what is done with the heart. Sarah’s grandfather’s recipe is made from beeswax and plants and is the main component of Beeswax Salve.
  • The beeswax balm that is the brand’s flagship product and best seller. Its mission is to save problem skin from rashes, eczema, itching, peeling, marks, or scars.

Argentum Apothecary

  • Founded on the healing power of colloidal silver, Argentum Apothecary is a skincare line that is natural, powerful and restorative.
  • Founder Joy Isaacs was inspired by her own mother’s use of colloidal silver to treat cuts and burns and prevent infection, and in 2010 decided to translate that into her own skincare line.
  • Together through dermo-cosmetic scientist Dr. Gilbert Mouzin, they created Argentum with two active ingredients, Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP.
  • Which have a catalytic effect on each other and enhance the potency of each formula in which they are found.
  • Argentum does not test on animals; its ingredients come from ethical producers who share its priorities.
  • Their containers are also make from special UV-resistant glass that protects their products and can be recycling or reusing.

Saar balsamic oil

  • Propolis and its antiseptic power are also perfect for acne-prone skin, as it helps treat marks and heal the skin.
  • Its secret is its active ingredients: rose extract and propolis, known for their regenerating, soothing, and balancing properties to treat irritated skin. 83% of its components come from organic farming.

Inlight Beauty

  • The creator of this skincare brand, Dr. Mariano Spiezia, is a physician, herbalist, and organic skincare expert, and Inlight Beauty brings all of his research together.
  • Joining medicine, ancient alchemy, and the power of plants, he created the star ingredient of Inlight: the Bio-lipophilic Matrix.
  • This blend of raw organic oils works with the skin’s lipid layer and helps support its physiological processes. That results in healthier skin that looks better.
  • All Inlight Beauty products are oil-basing and water-free, ensuring the highest concentration of active ingredients.
  • For example, as an advocate of slow beauty, each product is carefully crafting in-house in Cornwall, the UK, over a six-week process, with raw materials processed as little as possible to maintain their integrity.
  • All are 100% organic, cruelty-free, and contain no synthetic fragrances or chemicals.

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