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Global Beauty Care – About, Ingredients, and More

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Global Beauty Care

The Global Beauty Care (GBC) is a fast-growing skincare business with exponential success in recent years.


Global Beauty Care (GBC) is a fast-growing skincare company with exponential success in recent years.

  • The New York City-based company specializes in creating high-quality, award-winning, impactful products in elegant yet eye-catching packaging.
  • Utilizing advanced technology and quality ingredients, GBC has developed a complete line of innovative skin care products that help repair, replenish and strengthen your most visible organ – your skin. Its extensive product line attracts customers of all ages.
  • The GBC focuses on all face, lip, and eye masks (black, metallic, glitter, hydrogel, sheet, washable, mud scrub), face wipes, creams, power brushes, nose strips, and more.
  • In addition, GBC has partnered with major retailers to produce private label products of all the items listed above, leading to GBC products being sold in over 60,000 stores worldwide.
  • Through the explosion of social media platforms, skin care has gone “viral.” Clients enjoy sharing their skincare secrets, documenting before and after progress, and photographing their development.
  • GBC is tagging in millions of masking photos every year.
  • This trend is growing even among men, as the percentage of men who care about their skin and are in touch with their skincare needs is constantly increasing.

GBC’s winning combination: quality products that work in great packaging that appeals to consumers at an incredible price.

Discover Global Beauty Care, the best-kept secret in the skincare industry.

Valuable and powerful ingredients

  • GBC constantly seeks to incorporate the best ingredients into its products and to allow the component itself to sell the product.
  • It is not vital to “convince” someone of the healing effect that coconut oil has or the cooling effect that cucumber has. Instead, GBC frames each product and allows the critical ingredient to tell the story.


  • GBC goes beyond the average company to create a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • All GBC products are paraben and SLS-free and are not testing on animals.


  • Global Beauty Care focuses on the family. From humble beginnings in the basement of Mom’s house to a multi-story office complex.
  • Over 150,000 square feet of warehouse space, and a showroom in Manhattan, the company is still run by three brothers and their father.
  • In addition, the company’s core management has more than 20 years of experience in the skincare space.
  • As a result, GBC has become a subtle but solid key player in the industry.
  • From a modest basement operation, GBC has grown into a company with well-known brands that are sold across the country and internationally.
  • In addition, GBC uses its strength and structure as a family to help guide corporate culture and business operating decisions.

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