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Artistic Skin Designs: Traditional Tattoos, Watercolor, and More

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Knowing all types of artistic skin designs is essential to choose one with as much information as possible. Or so that you can apply everything they ask you if you intend to become an expert tattoo artist.

Types of Artistic Skin Designs

Traditional tattoos

  • This type of tattoo is characterized by thick lines and flat colors of great intensity, including red and blue.
  • These tattoos are still inspired by the designs seen on United States sailors. But, little has evolved since those twenties.
  • The Old School tattoo usually shows maritime symbols such as anchors, swallows, eagles, lighthouses, ships, etc.
  • Over time, aspects of pop culture have been added, such as pin-ups or icons such as poker cards, hearts on fire, or thorns.
  • Currently, the Pin-up concept reflects a lifestyle and an aesthetic. The creation of this style has to do with the models who posed for photographs and advertising illustrations from the 1940s to the 1960s.
  • Many soldiers during the second world war began to tattoo these female figures. Therefore, it became a trend in the tattoo world and continues to this day. However, interpretations of the drawings changed.

Realistic tattoo

  • These types of tattoos are designs that give an authentic perspective. They are styles that translate into pictures with characters embodied in the skin.
  • Expert tattoo artists in this style create tattoo drawings that look like photographs. Basically, to do it, the tattooist has images in front of him to get inspired and create masterpieces.

Blackwork tattoo

  • As the name implies, black tattoos use black ink to color parts of the entire skin. In addition, they combine black paint with complex geometric figures.
  • Some of them take inspiration from traditional Polynesian elements and mix them with more modern visual arts.
  • This style has become a trend in recent years and can be used to cover up tattoos that are no longer as popular.


  • Watercolor tattoos are seen on more people every day. And it is that this type imitates an artistic process since it is made up of spots and stripes of color.
  • It elasticities the impression of painting on a canvas or paper.
  • In this sense, the watercolor effect gives a unique touch to the skin, something different from other types of tattoos.
  • As you can see, most of them use bright colors and nature themes.

Pointillism or dotwork

  • Pointillism requires a lot of patience, skill, and pulse control because it takes time to do.
  • These images created with small dots are tattooed in the areas where shadows or large pieces of color would go.
  • It is usually done with black, gray, and even some colored ink.
  • This style’s most common themes or concepts are geometry and portraits. For example, religious, spiritual, or mandala tattoos are done more with this design.


  • One of the oldest techniques in the types of tattoos is tribal. It is characterized by having a black color, designed with symmetry and geometric shapes.
  • The tattoo artist also adds profiles with great precision, care, and delicacy.
  • This style of tattoo has indeed gone out of style. However, it still has its group of followers.

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