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MMA Fighter Diet – Training, Lose Weight, and More

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MMA Fighter Diet: The top mixed martial artists are mid-fittest athletes due partly to their commitment to clean eating. MMA combines skills from numerous corrections, calculating boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. Players punch, kick, and accomplish submissive hold to earn success.

They necessity be faster, more powerful, and more agile than their opponents. An MMA fighter’s diet must provide adequate fuel for punishing workouts and be refined close to competition to allow him to gain weight. Reflect on working with a qualified sports dietitian to tailor a diet to your individual needs.

How is the diet of the MMA fighter?

  • The athlete’s diet should always be well regulated, even when away from fights. The athlete must follow a very healthy diet, eat vegetables and proteins, and avoid soft drinks and industrialized foods.

And in the periods of training for the fight?

  • Five weeks before, the diet begins to be regulated, avoiding carbohydrates, eating only before training to give energy, since the training sessions are very intense, opting more for vegetables and proteins.

What is the best way to lose weight?

  • I always go for the total carb cut, including foods that speed up my metabolism; drink a lot of green tea, an excellent diuretic, have enough hydration.
  • On average drink seven liters of water a day because in the last three days, we hardly drank water.

There’s no water? How can you handle it?

  • Exactly. There’s no water. We still have to run about 4 km at noon to break a sweat. I’ve gotten used to that sacrifice.
  • Of course, it is challenging, but I think about my goal and know that without pain, there is no victory.

And on the day of the weigh-in, how are you?

  • Event weigh-ins are always in the afternoon, so we avoid eating, even waiting for the time to come.
  • We are very weak, weak. Emotional stress is extreme, but thank God we have a team to help us. The weigh-in is the first battle.

And have you ever been sick?

  • At first, I felt it, I was dizzy and sick, but I never had more than that.
  • I try to start the weight cut at the right time so as not to leave it to the last minute, precisely so that this doesn’t happen because it dramatically influences the fight.
  • My average weight is 83kg, and I fight in the 70kg lightweight division, so I do what my nutritionist tells me not to freak out.

After the weigh-in, what is the first action you take?

  • If you get too rehydrated, take a saline solution, and drink plenty of water.
  • Always eat practically a whole watermelon afterward, coconut water to replenish mineral salts, and a lot of carbohydrates to get back to average weight.
  • I always prefer a lot of pasta, mainly pasta.
  • Then he rests for the next day to fight and come out victorious.
  • That is the goal. Struggling a lot; training hard to get to the UFC, the biggest MMA event in the world.

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