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This blog will deliver all the details of this step along with Education has always been one of the major concerns of every government because they know the need to build a bright future. At the same time, they also understand that a healthier future can only be built by educating the youth and investing in the same. Thus, by understanding the hour’s requirements, the Government of Chattisgarh has announced the enterprise through which they have expected to improve education quality. Under this initiative, they have restarted the CG School Education System for students and teachers under the name Padhai Tuhaar  Duaar. To know more, keep reading our blog.

An Overview of

The government of Chhattisgarh has run the CG School initiative to provide better education opportunities to the youth. You can benefit from this initiative by visiting the with your chosen device. Accessing this platform lets you learn from various resources specially crafted for the students. The platform proves beneficial not only for the students but also for the students. Students will receive all meaningful and helpful resources, and the teachers can update any information without going through any lengthy process.

Overview of

Portal Name: CG School Portal

Portal Created For: Student of Chhattisgarh

Name of Updated Portal: Padhain Tuhar Duaar Portal 2.0

Announced By: CM Bhupesh Baghel

Registration Mode: Online

Category: School Admission

Mode of Classes: Online

Beneficiary Of: Students & Teachers of Chhattisgarh

Official website:

Reasons to Access

Reasons to Access

There are many reasons to select, yet we have definite to list down some of the most much-admired ones. They are

  • Availability of Resources: Students who register on this portal get a wide range of resources. These resources carry valuable study materials, like past years’ papers, that can benefit students.
  • Ease of Accessibility: The has been carefully crafted for the ease of the students and teachers in accessibility. The website’s interface is so simple that even a newcomer to the platform can access it without any guidance.
  • Latest Updates: The site also carries all the latest news and updates related to school, college, upcoming exams, etc. You need to vendor different websites for updates and links, as you can access them all in just one go.
  • Teacher Dashboard: The teacher dashboard is made to utilize the new era of tech advancement and update any information with a single click. Above all, teachers can also use this portal to keep track of students’ records.
  • Student Dashboard: The portal has completely different dashboards for students; this allows them to keep the information in a structured manner. Through this portal, you can access all kinds of resources and keep track of any updates. Students can attend live classes directed by experienced teachers; you can ask questions under the comment box during this live class.
  • Interactive Learning: This platform offers interactive modules, videos, and quizzes to involve students and enhance their understanding of concepts.
  • Progress Tracking: The platform lets students, teachers, and parents monitor academic progress through detailed reports and analytics.
  • Discussion Forums: Students can participate in subject-specific discussion forums to seek clarification, collaborate with peers, and exchange knowledge.
  • Parental Engagement: Parents can actively monitor their child’s progress, attendance, and performance through the platform, facilitating better support and involvement. Student And Teacher Entry Process Steps

Student Entry Process Steps:

Student Entry Process Steps_

If you wish to access the benefits of CGSchool, let me tell you that you first need to complete the registration process. You must follow these steps to go through this mandatory process seamlessly.

Step 1: First, use a “Browser” to navigate the official CGSchool website.

Step 2: Now, from the checking list of results, you need to choose the official result, i.e.,

Step 3: Once you land on the platform’s central dashboard, tap the “Student Registration” option on the top Menu Bar.

Step 4: On the directed new page, select your education type, i.e., college or school. Selecting the option will be directly filled in the input box.

Step 5: Moving ahead, you need to provide your Phone Number, on which you will receive the OTP.

Step 6: After receiving the OTP, you must carry forward some steps as directed by the portal and your Student Entry and Registration is completed.

Teachers Entry Process Steps:

Teachers Entry Process Steps_

Apart from providing a dedicated dashboard to students, the CGSchool. It also has a separate dashboard for teachers. Teachers must also complete the registration process to access this portal seamlessly.

Step 1: Unquestionably, the foremost step is to use the browser to check for the official website.

Step 2: Upon landing at the official Website of, you need to surf through to navigate the teacher registration option.

Step 3: From the portal’s menu bar, select “Teacher Registration” and start filling in the requested credentials.

Step 4: After selecting your education type from the options, you must also enter your mobile number.

Step 5: At the end, hit the “Get OTP” button present below the screen and carry forward to the end of the progression. Login Procedure Login Procedure

After completing the registration on the portal, you need to complete the CGSchool.Log to access this platform actively.

Step 1: The first and most vital step is to tap open any of your preferred browsers on your device.

Step 2: Once you have accessed the official website from the appearing SERPs, you must surf the platform.

Step 3: The following steps are on the common “Login” button for the students and teachers from the right corner of the dashboard.

Step 4: In the appearing input box, fill in the Mobile Number and Password you created at the time of registration.

Step 5: After implementing all the above steps, tap on the provided “Login” button to complete the Login.


Hence, we can indeed state that you will agree that CGSchool is a convincing initiative taken by the Government of Chhattisgarh. Under this initiative, they also made sure to launch an utterly dedicated portal named so that they can deliver ease to the users. You can also contact their dedicated helpline at 07712243696 if you witness any issues. But at the same time, you must remember that this helpline number is active only between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

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