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Fenty Beauty Skin Tint – Pores, Steps, and More

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Fenty Beauty Skin Tint

Fenty Beauty Skin Tint: It’s innovative skincare with a clear mission: treat, smooth, and tighten the look of pores, day and night, under makeup and over time.

Clean, fresh, and clinical results that open the gateway to excellent skin: pores. We’re talking about multi-action solutions that blur the lines between core care and pore care for skincare that’s easy on the eyes but serious about tone, texture, and radiance.


Rihanna was enthused to create Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin after years of testing with the best of the best in beauty, and she still saw a void in the industry for products that would work on all skin types and tones.

So, opening with Fenty Beauty Foundation, Face Primer, and Gloss Pump, she launched a makeup line “to fit people everywhere,” targeting a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work. For all skin types.

And the localization of universal tones. From Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation, the revolutionary moisturizing foundation and powder foundation with 50 inclusive shades, to the fan-favorite concealer and setting powder, to the wide range of cream blush shades.

Fenty Beauty products are designed to feel light. And they love to be layered. Greatest importantly, Rihanna creates makeup to inspire.

The “Makeup is there for you to have fun with,” she says. “The thing should never feel like pressure. The issue should never feel like a uniform.

Feel free to take odds and take risks, and dare to do something new or different.” You’re not sure where to start?

  • Gross our foundation shade finder quiz and get unique shade recommendations based on your skin tone. Get everything you need in one click by buying our sets + travel kits.
  • Later changing the beauty game, she decided to take over the skincare world.
  • Starting with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, he launched Fenty Skin to “create amazing products that work, are easy to use, and can be used by everyone.”


  • Pores are the gateway to skin that looks fresh, healthy, glowing and smooth. And while you can’t cancel out how many pores you have, you can take advantage of skin science that makes them appear virtually non-existent.
  • Keeping pores clean also helps control surface oil and creates an ultra-smooth canvas for makeup. Eventually, it all comes down to the big three: clear, refined, and balanced.

Pore-Busting Actives

  • We chose pore-perfecting ingredients that work smarter, not harder. Day and night. Under makeup and over time, without ever leaving the skin too much.
  • Powerful actives like Niacinamide, AHAs, BHAs and more help cleanse and tighten the look of pores, giving way to a more even tone and even smoothness.
  • Then, we bring the feel with tangible textures and tempting extracts like Barbados Cherry, Kalahari Melon, and other skin-loving, antioxidant-rich fruits. It’s the best of both creations.

Daily Pore Busting Regimen

However,  Do tone your texture, and Brightness with the Fenty skin


  • Detoxifies the pores and washes it all away without
  • peel the skin with this purifying 2 in 1
  • deep cleansing makeup remover

Step 2.

  • Shrink pores, dark spots and shine with this supercharged toner and serum hybrid.

Step 3.

  • Lock in hydration, target discoloration, and prep skin for makeup with our lightweight, invisible SPF moisturizer.

Shades to suit all skin tones:

Tone range: Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep, Deep.

Undertones: Neutral Cool, Neutral Warm, Warm Yellow, Warm Gold, Warm Olive, Warm Bronze

  • faded skin tint
  • Light to medium wear buildable coverage
  • ‘QuickBlur Complex’ for a moisturizing and diffused effect
  • Humidity, sweat and transfer resistant formula.

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