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Basic Skin Care Routine – Daily Routine, Toning, and More

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Basic skin care routine achieving beautiful skin is possible by following a fundamental way twice daily and using the right products according to our skin type. A cautious and gentle regular cleansing routine and good hydration per your skin kind will help you preserve healthy skin. Hydration upsurges the amount of water in the skin, shielding it from dehydration and making it smooth, soft, and glowing.

Daily Routine

The basic skin care products you will use in your daily routine must be the right ones for your skin type so that they do not generate adverse reactions due to a wrong choice.


  • Daily cleansing is the first step to proper skin care. Dirt, sweat, oil, makeup, and other particles from the environment accumulate on our faces daily.
  • So it’s imperative to remove these impurities daily. Fresh skin is better able to absorb the active ingredients in care products.

It is advisable to choose a cleanser that is:

  • Gentle but does not dry the skin
  • Expressed for your skin type and specific skin problem, as the case may be
  • With a proven formulation and preferably suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Remember that oil-free or water-based skin care products are ideal for oily skin.
  • And, on the contrary, for dry skin, you can opt for cream or emulsion products.


  • Applying a toner after cleansing removes cleanser residue and refreshes skin; in the same way, it returns its natural pH.
  • In addition, it helps prepare the skin to receive the nutrients you will provide, as the valuable ingredients in skin care products are absorbed more effectively when applied to clean skin.
  • It is recommended to choose non-alcoholic toners, whatever your skin type.
  • Although toners of this type have a cooling effect, they can strip the skin of its natural lipids, leading to excessive sebum production in response to a lack of lubrication.
  • In this way, alcohol can intensify the dryness of dry skin, while for oily or mixed skin it could increase sebum production.
  • Always consult your dermatologist about the most suitable skin care products.


Care products moisturize and refill the skin, and if you have dry skin, you can select moisturizing creams or mixtures to contain in your everyday skincare routine. However, if, on the other hand, we have oily skin, it is perfect to pick moisturizing gels and skin care products that are not greasy.


  • Our skin needs good care and shields against numerous external issues that can harm it, particularly from the contrary effects of UV radiation, where sunscreen is vital.
  • Do not forget to use the broad-spectrum sunscreen to guard you from UV radiation, infrared rays, and visible light in your routine.

Moisturizer + SPF

  • Finally, we hydrate the skin with a product suitable for our skin type that contains antioxidants and applies a sun protection factor (minimum SPF 30), which prevents photoaging and skin cancer.


  • These are just 5 basic steps you can include in your daily routine with skin care products.
  • Here do not forget to exfoliate your skin regularly and not excessively.
  • According to your dermatologist’s recommendations, to remove all the impurities accumulated on the face.

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