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R Channel Speaker – The Best Speakers you Can Buy

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The R channel speaker acts as the workhorse of your home theater setup, and the best choices should give you crisp dialogue and detailed effects that complement the rest of your audio. Your surround sound arsenal.

Since it’s in the middle, probably just below your TV, it often represents your first move when creating a new setup. And many factors will influence the center speaker you choose, not just the variety of audio features. Like everything you place in your home, it is essential that the central channel and its siblings also match the room’s decoration.

Micca MB42-C

  • If you’re desperate for a center channel speaker and operating on a shoestring budget, Micca’s MB42-C represents excellent value for money.
  • It features a classic open-cone design, which blends in with most home setups and stretches the regular hi-fi enthusiast a step up in clarity of dialogue and on-screen action, thanks to the silk dome tweeter and woofer. Dual carbon fiber
  • However, since this model’s audio crossover is pretty basic, it might also be worth considering the Micca MB42X-C.
  • Which structures a more advanced 9-element cusp with 18dB/octave alignment and compensation.

Polk Reserve R300

  • An ideal mixture of audio pedigree and affordability, giving you a 1-inch Pinnacle tweeter and a couple of 5.25-inch Turbine woofers. It stocks a lot of pedigree with the iconic Polk Legend series.
  • It’s easy to side up with other Polk loudspeakers, allowing you to build anything up to a 9.1 setup.

Klipsch R-25C

  • Klipsch takes things up a notch in the features and aesthetic department, providing one of the best overall center channel speakers for you to consider.
  • Its asking price goes up because of this, but, in return, you get a room-filling center hub that includes one of the company’s linear-travel suspension tweeters and a pair of 5.25-inch copper woofers.
  • On the back, there are also two five-way binding posts, allowing users to take advantage of dual wiring and dual amplification.

Yamaha NS-C210BL

  • Yamaha’s NS-C210BL doesn’t come in the flashiest designs, but it’s an ideal choice for persons who want rather subtle at the heart of their setup.
  • It’s much thinner than competing devices but still manages to pack a pair of 3.125-inch aluminum cone woofers, a 0.875-inch regular dome tweeter, and offers an all-out input power of 120W.
  • The frequency response is also healthy from 65 Hz to 45 kHz.

Ultimate ProCenter 2000 Technology

  • If you can pay for to pay a little more for your center channel speaker, Definitive Technology’s ProCenter 2000 is a consideration.
  • It features a solid array beneath its mesh exterior, including two proprietary 5.25-inch drivers combined with bass radiators and a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter.
  • It gives you balanced sound and deep bass for everything from dialogue to soundtracks when you watch TV.
  • Like any good center channel offering, it also mixes easily with other company products and can be mounted to a wall or maximum via the inserts on the back.

Q Acoustic 3090C

  • Q’s 3090C is another important economical consideration, giving you a modern design available in three colors: grey, white and black.
  • Secret, it features a two-way reflex with a pair of 100mm woofer drivers and a 25mm tweeter driver. Then, in true Q Acoustics fashion, the sound it can deliver alongside a complete setup is far beyond its weight.
  • It is a countless place to start for those looking to fill small to medium-sized rooms: It ticks the boxes for affordability, sleek design, and eye-catching performance.

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