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Inhale Health – Overview, Highlights, and More

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Inhale Health

Inhale Health: Coffee and additions are great, but what if you could get an energy hit or a total dose of vitamins from a three-second inhalation?

The Inhale Health is a biotech company that creates innovative solutions to the problems we face with our favorite vices.

With a 30-day supply of bioavailable caffeine, nutrients, and melatonin through a sleek line of vaporizers, these nicotine-free electronics meet the needs of modern adults 21+.


Inhale Health is one of those brands that makes you say, “why wasn’t this invented sooner?” Solving everyday mishaps with the act of a simple puff, their electronic vaporizers use science, innovation, and a little mutual sense to give people what they want from their vices.

Whether it’s energy during the day, relaxation, or sleep at night, we need the things we consume to work to do it. The Inhale Health was founded by people who feel the same way.

Daniel Wolf Shapiro and Mario Danek officially launched the company in 2014, intending to help the world make healthier choices.

You may have heard of their first product, the Vitamin Vapor Stick. Designed as a cigarette, it provided the benefits of a complete multivitamin with a short inhalation. Over time, the brand’s products have changed slightly, isolating each need (energy, sleep, etc.)


  • Offers three core vaporizers in tasty flavors
  • Made from ingredients sourced in the USA
  • No vitamin E, propylene glycol, diacetyl, or nicotine
  • All formulas made with vegetable-based oils
  • USP-grade ingredients
  • Tons of discounts and ways to save
  • Ships internationally

Best Inhale Health to Choose

Melatonin Chocolate Midnight

The Inhale Health Melatonin helps you get the sleep you need when you need it, so you can show up ready to go.

  • With 40mg of melatonin per bar, each puff provides 1mg, so you’ll have 40 servings total. You can inhale this up to 10 times a day.
  • With its smooth, decadent taste, eating a dessert before bed now comes within.

Melatonin Lavender Dream

  • However, if chocolate isn’t your thing, why not try something a little more traditional for bedtime? Lavender is taking the baking world by storm, so if you think the flower should only be reserved for candles, think again.
  • One bar of Inhale Health Melatonin Lavender Dream contains 40 mg of melatonin, with 1 mg per draw. Infused with the uplifting flavors of lavender, chamomile, and honey, bedtime got a lot sweeter.

Caffeine Wild Flower

  • The caffeine in coffee is excellent, but it often comes with problems like bad breath and calories from too many lattes. Plus, it’s hard on our bodies.
  • It improves mood and enhances the effect of analgesics in patients with headaches.
  • Although more research is needed, caffeine may prevent degenerative brain diseases. Some people may experience insomnia and anxiety.
  • Inhale Health Caffeine Wildflower Bar gives you a subtle dose of caffeine to microdose your system and keep energy levels stable.
  • Nicotine-free, this vegan vape is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and a blend of juicy blackberry and floral scents.

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