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How To Do Eye Makeup for Mature Skin?

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Eye makeup for mature skin: It’s not just your skincare routine that needs to be updated with age. Your makeup routine needs a change-up to suit your aging skin needs better. It is especially true for the eye area, which shows the first and most evident signs of aging. Lets follow this steps to do perfect eye makeup for mature skin;

1. Moisturize The Eye Area Well

  • Meanwhile, the skin near your eyes is usually much thinner than the skin on the remaining face, and it is more inclined to wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Before trying makeup, apply an extra moisture ticker to your eyelids only. To avoid irritating the skin, gently massage the lids and under-eye region after applying moisturizing eye cream.

2. Prep With An Eyeshadow Primer

  • Eyeshadow tends to crease more quickly as you age because your eyes tend to grow slightly more hooded.
  • Always use an eyeshadow primer to ensure the pigment stays smooth for several hours. You may also use your regular primer. Make sure it’s made specifically for filling in creases and fine lines.

3. Use Creamy Formulas

  • It’s essential to consider your go-to product’s formula and finish as you age. For example, shimmery eyeshadows might occasionally settle into creases and accentuate fine wrinkles.
  • Therefore, matte finish formulations are preferable to sparkly ones. Also, replace your powder eyeshadow palettes with ones that have cream or stick eyeshadow.
  • They mix easily on textured lids and are significantly more moisturizing than powder eyeshadows.

4. Use Smudge-proof Products

  • The more attractive eyeshadow colors to use on your droopy eyes to make them appear more awake are nudes, delicate roses, taupes, or pale browns.
  • But there is a method to add punch with eyeliner and mascara if you don’t want to trade off gorgeous colors with nudes.
  • Use a long-lasting liner that won’t transfer to your upper lid and will remain on your waterline. The same holds for your mascara.

5. Fill In Your Brows

  • To make your eyes stand out, use eyeliner. We advise using a light eyeliner pencil to closely line your eyes rather than kajal.
  • Which can make your eyes look smaller and accentuate the impression of shadows under your eyes. It will make it appear like you have longer eyelashes and look younger.

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