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Vitamin K2 Written For Us

Vitamin K2 Written For Us

A crucial component of blood coagulation, bone health, and heart function is fat-soluble vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 aids in the production of the protein required for blood clotting by your body when taken. Additionally, it keeps calcium in your bones and out of your arteries, maintaining the health of your bones.

What Foods Contain a Lot of Vitamin K2?

Best Sources of Vitamin K2

  • 4 micrograms of natto.
  • 369 mcg of goose liver pate.
  • 3 micrograms in hard cheese.
  • 5 micrograms in soft cheese.
  • Thirty-one micrograms of goose leg.
  • 5 micrograms of egg yolk.
  • 15 micrograms of butter.
  • 1 micrograms of raw chicken liver

Where is Vitamin K2 Found?

Only animal products and some fermented foods contain vitamin K2. Your gut bacteria also create a minor quantity (10). Japanese food called natto is made from One of the finest sources of vitamin K2 fermented soybeans. Additional beneficial sources include cheese, pork, and liver.

Is Daily Use of Vitamin K2 Okay?

When administered orally: The two forms of vitamin K (K1 and K2) are probably safe when used as directed. Vitamin K1 and K2 dosages of 10 and 45 mg daily have been administered successfully for up to two years. Although most individuals handle it well, others may get diarrhea or an upset stomach.

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