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Terminal Disease Write for Us

Terminal Disease Write for Us

Terminal Disease Write for Us – A terminal disease is an illness or condition that cannot be cured and can potentially lead to someone’s death. It is sometimes called a life-limiting disease. On this page, we answer questions you may have about terminal illness.

What does Terminal Disease mean?

A disease or condition is chronic when:

It cannot be cured

It could potentially lead to someone’s death.

Some people, including healthcare professionals, may use different definitions. It is essential to ask if you are unsure what someone is saying or what their words mean.

At Marie Curie, we usually use terminal illness in our information. It is because we can clearly define it (see above), and it is often the phrase most used by the people we support and health and social care professionals. But some people prefer to use the words life-limiting disease or terminal illness. Please read this page using the language you feel most comfortable with.

How do I know if my Disease is Terminal?

The healthcare professional who manages the treatment of your condition, such as your doctor or consultant, must explain to you whether or not your disease is terminal. Diagnosis is given after tests and, in some cases, treatment.

Healthcare professionals may sometimes use different terms or definitions. If you are not sure or concerned about whether your illness is potentially fatal, it is best to speak to your healthcare professional.

How long will a Terminal ill Person Live?

A terminally ill person may live for days, weeks, months, or years. It often depends on their diagnosis and any treatment they receive. It can be challenging for the healthcare experts to predict how long a terminally ill person will live (prognosis).

Receiving a definitive diagnosis can be shocking or upsetting, as people sometimes think that the word “terminal” means they will die soon. It may be a concern for you as well. It may be helpful to remember that no two experiences of terminal illness are the same. Sometimes, a person’s condition gradually gets worse as the disease progresses. Other people may find that they feel better or worse at various points during their illness – this is not always a straight road.

Can an Terminal Disease get Better?

By definition, an incurable disease will not get better—in other words, it cannot be cured. But some chronic diseases can be treated to help relieve symptoms or improve quality of life.

We know dealing with a definitive diagnosis can be difficult, so it’s essential to seek the support you need. Your healthcare team, Marie Curie, is here to provide emotional, physical, and practical support.

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