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Telehealth Write for us

Telehealth refers to healthcare delivered over the Internet using various telecommunications methods. Telehealth technologies include live videoconferencing, mobile health apps, electronic data storage and routing, and remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Telemedicine is rapidly expanding accordingly can potentially transform how millions of people receive medical care. Telemedicine technologies, tools, and services are quickly becoming essential to the healthcare system.

Telehealth is the application of telecommunications and digital technologies to deliver and facilitate health and health-relate services, such as medical care, health information services, and provider and patient education.

Telehealth and telemedicine

Although telehealth and telemedicine are sometimes use interchangeably, telehealth now encompasses a broader range of digital health activities and services. One must first define telemedicine to understand the relationship between telehealth and telemedicine.

Telemedicine is the application of telecommunications technology and networks to provide medical care to patients who are geographically distant from their physicians. For example, a radiologist might analyze and interpret the imaging results of a patient in a distant county whose hospital does not currently have a radiologist. In the case of a non-life-threatening medical condition, a physician could deliver urgent care to the patient via video. Telemedicine is a term for the practice of medicine via the Internet and electronic applications.

Home telehealth care, or more recently home telehealth or home eHealth, is the term use to describe the application of telehealth and home telemedicine.

technologies for telemedicine

Smartphone use is growing exponentially every year. Mobile health (or mobile health), remote patient monitoring (RPM), video and audio technology, digital photography, and store-and-forward technologies are used for telemedicine. Other mobile devices can be used to improve health outcomes and provide better access to care.

Patients use mHealth or mobile health apps and services on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These apps allow them to track their health, receive medication and appointment reminders, and communicate information to their physicians. Users can choose from hundreds of mHealth apps, including tools for managing asthma and diabetes and apps for weight loss and smoking cessation. They can also use their mobile devices to schedule appointments and connect with providers via video conferencing and text messaging.

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