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Mental Condition Write for UsMental Condition Write for Us

Mental Condition for Us – Our goal with “The Burnout Lab” is to help readers better understand their brains’ function and health and equip them to incorporate mental health-related breakthroughs into their daily lives. Our topics range from happiness to mood, sleep, stress management, burnout, and more. We only publish easy-to-read and valuable articles or audio. We don’t believe creativity is a plus, but it is a must.

We aim to make Psychreg a valuable resource for people who share our interests. It is why our articles are written by various writers: some by researchers, some by those with personal awareness of mental health conditions, And some by our correspondents.

We’re looking for lively articles on any psychology, mental health, and wellness topic. It can either be research-based or something based on your experience.

We Promote Freedom Of Expression.

As a nonpartisan publication, we publish different points of view. For example, we published an article advocating feminism in academia but also a report saying there is too much liberalism among universities.

We also published an article that explores whether obesity should be considered a form of addiction. While we also published another article arguing that the fat acceptance movement is doing more harm than good.

Most importantly, Mental Health Stories can show that people with mental health issues are concerned for, so we publish them regularly.

So What Is An Excellent Article?

We want our articles to be readable. We are looking for something similar to what Professor Victoria Tishler wrote (Are you anxious or depressed? Go to an art gallery). It is informative and research-based yet written in a conversational and engaging style.

We also like to publish thoughtful articles, such as those by Dr. Charlene Adams (Close the Dissent: The Cambridge Rejection of Theology by Jordan Peterson).

Psychreg is known for being easy to read, so articles should be around 500-1000 words. But we don’t focus too much on this. On certain occasions, we’ll publish “long reads” like those by Dr. Christopher Bagley (it’s the age of psychodiagnostic – we need to change the questions we ask).

How to Submit Your Articles?

That is to says, to submit your article at www.In Health, mail us at

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Why Write for In Health Blog - Mental Condition Write for Us

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Article Guidelines on In Health Blog – Mental Condition Write for Us

  • We at In Health Blog welcomes fresh and unique content related to Health.
  • In Health Blog allow a minimum of 500+ words related to Health.
  • The editorial team of In Health Blog does not encourage promotional content related to Health.
  • For publishing article at In Health Blog email us at
  • In Health Blog allows articles related to Health, Diet, Diseases, Skin, Beauty, Technology, Products, etc.

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