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Gramelle App – A Complete Guide

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Gramelle App – Suppose you are a person who is looking for an ultimate magic app that will help your account reach millions of people. Then Gramelle is precisely the right fit for you because the Gramelle app allows your Instagram account to reach a large audience, and not only that, but it also helps you gain loads of followers and likes on your Instagram posts. These followers are not ordinary followers; they will also interact with your content, so what are you waiting for? Download this app now and enjoy. Do you want to know more about this app? If yes, then read the next heading of this article. It will show you a clear picture of this app.

About Gramelle App

About Gramelle App

Gramelle is a social app rated 3.88 out of 5 stars based on 4 thousand ratings. It is the ultimate companion for skyrocketing your Instagram followers and likes. Unleash the potential of your profile with Gramelle’s innovative features, designed to provide you with honest and lasting growth. Enhance your engagement, clean up your follower list, and gain free Instagram followers effortlessly.

Gramelle is a tool for Instagram users to get instant Followers, Likes, and Comments. It will be the reason for the user’s instant and lasting fame. The usage will be straightforward, and the services will be free. There might be some premium services offered that are optional to buy. It is the opportunity to make the Insta profile famous and get significant reactions to the posts.

As mentioned, the usage of this tool will be straightforward. Before getting access to the main interface, it is essential that the user logs in to an Instagram account and can use a fake one. Now, it is clear to everyone that this app is not official. There is a chance of the account getting permanently banned by the official platform. So, to keep the actual account safe, ordering services for the favorite profile is an option.

Overview Information About Gramelle App

Name: Gramelle


Publisher: Gramelle

Category: Tools

Version: 10.0

Size: 2.82 MB

Requires: Android 4.4 and Up

Updated On: May 22, 2023

Features Of Gramelle

Unlimited Followers:

Unlimited Followers_

This app’s first and foremost feature is that it helps you get 1000s of followers on Instagram free of cost. Now, you do not need to waste your money buying fake Instagram followers when you can get real followers for free using Gramelle. Thus, download this app yourself to see how incredible it works.

Interactive Followers:

Unlike other apps which give you fake followers that do not even interact with your posts. Gramelle helps you to get real followers who will interact with your posts. So, if you are a social media influencer or run a small business on Instagram, you need to try out this app because this is going to change your Instagram game.

Free of cost:

As mentioned above, this app is free of cost; you do not have to spend even a single penny to use this app to get followers. Just download this app, write your Instagram handle, and you are good to get thousands of followers and incredible reach on your Instagram account.

Profile Enhancement:

Profile Enhancement_

Utilize Gramelle’s Instagram editor to craft a captivating profile. Create alluring captions, strategically employ hashtags, and make your content stand out.

Safe & Secure:

Gramelle ensures a safe and secure environment for boosting your Instagram presence. Enjoy the benefits of increased engagement with peace of mind.

Organic Growth:

Embrace genuine, organic growth strategies with Gramelle. Connect with followers who resonate with your content for meaningful engagement.

Insights & Analytics:

Gain esteemed insights into your Instagram performance with Gramelle’s comprehensive analytics. Measure your growth, assess engagement, and gauge the impact of Gramelle.

How to Download Gramelle Apk File?

  • We have provided the Gramelle Apk Download at our site. You can install it with a single tap on the download button. Your downloading will automatically start after that. You have to wait until the device makes your file.
  • Uncertainty you have downloaded the Apk file, you must go to the Android phone settings>security settings and enable unknown bases to install the Apk. Now, go to the file manager and find the downloaded file. You have to tap on it, and the installation wizard will start.

More Benefits of Gramelle App And Its Alternatives

More Benefits of Gramelle And Its Alternatives


  • Easy to use
  • Simple to handle
  • Safe to download
  • User friendly
  • Top-notch quality
  • Does not take up much storage on the phone.

Best Alternatives to Gramelle

  • InstaUp
  • FiraFollowers
  • FollowerGir
  • iGtools
  • NitroFollowers

Pros and Cons Of Gramelle App


  • It is free of cost, like other apps
  • It does not display any unethical ads
  • It is a straightforward app to use that will boost your Instagram reach.


  • No anti-ban feature:
  • The only con about this app is that it has no anti-ban feature; your account may be banned if the official finds out that you are using a 3rd party app to gain followers because this is against their policies, so you must be careful.


Hence, this was the whole review of Gramelle APK. It works for Instagram followers boost, likes increase, followers count tracker, follower management, post likes booster, engagement enhancement, Instagram editor tool, insights and analytics, organic growth, and follower app. I would suggest you try this app by downloading it and using it yourself because I am pretty sure that you will love it, and trust me, you will not find any other apps like this.

FAQs Related To Gramelle App

Does this app genuinely offer free Instagram followers and likes?

Android users can get natural followers and likes for their Insta accounts.

Is the latest version of this app available on Google Play Store?

Users won’t find the app on Google Play. However, users can download the Gramelle App from this third-party website.

Are there premium charges to request followers or gain likes?

Users can send followers to the original account for free. However, users have to collect diamonds by completing simple tasks.

Is this a legal application to use?

It is a third-party app, and it is not legal to use.

Is Gramelle Apk secure to use with official accounts?

There will be a risk of permanent account suspension for using this tool.

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