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Get your Kids in Coding – Tools, Take Coding Classes, and More

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Get your Kids in Coding

Get your kids in coding: The Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and, if you were fortunate, Oregon Trail was the extent of computer classes while most millennials were in elementary school.

Nowadays, teaching young children the fundamentals of typing is no longer a good idea. It also makes sense if you’ve watched a young child use an iPhone.

Since computer literacy is becoming second nature to children, several people emphasize the significance of teaching coding to young children.

Schools worldwide encourage youngsters to learn how to code, from after-school programs to coding games featuring characters from Doctor Who and Frozen. It makes sense, given the growth of STEM careers and the prevalence of technology in the standard office setting, even if it’s simply Outlook.

Daisy the Dinosaur

  • With the aid of the software Daisy the Dinosaur, children as young as 4 can learn the fundamentals of coding. After finishing the game, kids can download a kit that will let them make their own video game.

Make the Turtle move

  • Move the Turtle is an iPad game that teaches youngsters how to code and develops critical thinking abilities that will help them on and off the computer. It is designed for young children ages 9 to 11.

Kids Ruby

  • Kids Ruby is a downloadable program that will provide kids with first-hand Ruby experience. It was developed to teach kids how actually to write Ruby code.

Hackety Hack

  • The next phase for children who have completed Kids Ruby is Hackety Hack, the older sibling of Kids Ruby.


  • By enhancing Sphero’s robotic capabilities, this engaging, hands-on toy teaches kids programming fundamentals.

Robot Turtles

  • Robot Turtles is a board game that introduces programming to kids ages 4 and older. Just guide the turtle to the corresponding coloured jewel on the board to play.

Made with Code by Google

  • To address the gender gap in STEM, Google launched the Made With Code program.
  • Google encourages young females worldwide to embrace their inner programming through physical events, various online resources, and summer camps.


  • a low-cost computer, the extent of a credit card that children may use by plugging in a mouse and a keyboard and connecting it to a TV monitor.
  • It encourages kids to learn how to code while providing a whole desktop experience.

What is coding?

  • We connect with computers through coding, often known as computer programming. Coding is similar to writing instructions because it instructs a machine on what to do.
  • Here, you can teach computers what to do or behave much more quickly by learning to write code.
  • This ability enables you to create websites and apps and handle data, among many other impressive tasks.

Why should I learn to code?

  • Each of us has goals, aspirations, and plans for the future. Coding can help you achieve your goals, whether you’re looking for new employment.
  • Want to improve your current position, or are just seeking a new pastime. Also, keep in mind that anyone can learn to code.

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