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Erythritol, a sugar alcohol, is used as a food preservative and sugar element in many products, particularly foods aimed at sugar or complete calorie lessening. The erythritol is naturally found in small amounts in some fruits, such as watermelon, pears, grapes, and fermented foods, like cheese and soy sauce. Still, it’s typically formed on a larger scale over fermentation. Erythritol is dissimilar from other sugar alcohols. Furthermost of it gets absorbed into your blood circulation before it spreads to your colon. It circulates in your blood for a while and ultimately eliminates waste in your urine. Approximately 90% of erythritol is excreted this way

Overall, erythritol might be safe for some people but not for others. An older study on the toxicity and effects of erythritol on absorption accomplished in animals has found it to be safe for both human and animal ingestion.

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