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Usually, the phrase “near drowning” refers to being on the verge of passing out from submerged suffocation. It comes just before the deadly drowning, which brings about death. Victims on the verge of drowning still require medical care to avoid connected health issues.

Most people who nearly drown are young children, but drowning accidents can happen to anyone of any age.

Reasons For Near Drowning

Near drowning occurs when you cannot breathe underwater for an extended period. During near drowning, oxygen is cut off from your body to the point where the body’s major systems can begin to shut down due to a lack of oxygen flow. This can happen within seconds (especially in young children). The process usually takes longer in adults.

It is important to remember that reviving a person underwater for a long time is possible.

The majority of near drownings are attributed to accidents near or in water. The most common causes of near drowning include:

  • Not being able to swim
  • Panic in the water
  • Leave children unattended near bodies of water
  • Leave children unattended, even for a short time, in bathtubs
  • Sliding on thin ice
  • Drinking alcohol while boating or swimming
  • Concussion, seizure, or heart attack while in the water
  • attempt to suicide

It is a misconception that you are safer if you are more than watery in size. You can drown in a few inches of water.

Near Drowning Treatment

Near drowning frequently happens in the absence of a lifeguard or medical expert. If it is safe for you, you can try to pull the individual out of the water. Here are some suggestions for saving someone who is drowning:

Use safety devices, such as life rings and throwing ropes, to assist the victim if they are still conscious. You should only enter the water to rescue an unconscious person if you have the swimming skills to do so safely.

CPR should be started if someone has stopped breathing as quickly as possible. Giving oxygen to a person while performing CPR includes mouth-to-mouth motions. Equally crucial are chest compressions, which assist in improving blood oxygenation and avert deadly consequences.

When touching the person and doing CPR, please exercise extreme caution since the person can hurt their neck or spine. Do not turn her head or move her neck. You can stabilize the neck by keeping the head and neck in place by hand or by supporting it with towels or other items.

Remove wet clothing from a person on the verge of drowning in cold water and wrap them in warm clothing or blankets to prevent hypothermia. When clothing, be sure to support the neck.

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