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Dehydration Write for Us – When you use or lose more fluids than you take in, your body becomes dehydrated because it lacks the water and other fluids it needs to operate normally. Dehydration will occur if lost fluids are not replaced. Anyone can become dehydrated, but the condition is especially dangerous for young and older children.

Dehydration in young children is most frequently brought on by severe diarrhoea and vomiting. The danger of dehydration is higher in older persons because they naturally have less water in their bodies and may also have medical problems or be taking drugs that do so.

This means that even minor illnesses, such as lung or bladder infections, can lead to dehydration in the elderly.

If you don’t drink enough water in hot weather, especially if you’ve been exercising hard, dehydration may happen to anyone of any age.

You can usually reverse mild to moderate dehydration by drinking more fluids, but severe dehydration needs immediate medical treatment.

What Does Water Do to Your Body?

Up to 78% of your body is made up of water. Your brain is made up of 73% water, as is your heart. Your bones are 31% water, your muscles, and kidneys 79%, and your skin 64%. 83% of water makes up your lungs.

Water helps:

  • Helps digestion and elimination of waste.
  • Your joints are working. The water lubricates them.
  • Make saliva (which you need to eat).
  • Balance the chemicals in your body. Your brain needs it to produce hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Deliver oxygen to all parts of your body.
  • You are lining your bones.
  • Regulate your body temperature.
  • If you’re pregnant, it acts as a shock absorber for the brain, spinal cord, and fetus.

Water is important to your body, especially in hot weather. It keeps your body from overheating. When you exercise, your muscles generate heat. To prevent burning, your body needs to get rid of that heat. Sweat is the main way your body gets rid of heat in warm weather. When sweat evaporates, it cools the tissues underneath. Sweating greatly reduces the water level in the body, and fluid loss affects normal body functions.

Can Dehydration Cause a Fever?

No, dehydration does not usually lead to a fever. But many diseases and disorders that cause fever can also cause dehydration.

Does Dehydration Cause High Blood Pressure?

Dehydration can drop blood pressure to dangerously low levels. When this happens, your body goes into action to correct it. But when you do, your body can overcorrect, and your blood pressure can spike.

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