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Beauty and Individuality – View from Inside

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Beauty and Individuality: Something that has occurred to me recently is that there is no exact definition of beauty.

The true meaning of beauty is individuality. In life, it’s really about being yourself. When we are not afraid of who we are, it shows that we genuinely love ourselves just the way we are.

View from inside

  • Too often criticize ourselves for the little things when the little things make us unique and special. Here you get to a certain point where you stop letting things bother you and want to accept them instead.
  • Everyone is exactly who they are for a specific reason.
  • It doesn’t mean there’s no room for upgrading, but we can learn precisely who we are and where we can improve while still accepting everything about ourselves.
  • As long as you’re pleased, that’s all that matters. Life is worthless if there is no happiness at the rainbow’s end.
  • You are the person you were meant to be. Once you open up and start appreciating yourself, everything good will come together and come to you too.
  • However, you have to let fate take its course.
  • There will be countless moments that you can’t plan for because if they didn’t “just” happen, they wouldn’t feel so special.

The Beauty of Individuality

Individuality is not very difficult to find but just as tricky. Sweet, and yet so bitter. In civilization, we are often pressured to be the same as others, which makes it difficult for our uniqueness to flourish within us.

In exploring this topic, I came across the dictionary definition of an individual: a single human being distinguished from a group, class, family, or person of a specific type. But I think there is more.

To my understanding, individuals express their opinions, beliefs, and thoughts without worrying about what others might think and trying to “follow the crowd.”

An individual truly accepts who they are. Expenditure in your life trying to be like someone else will eventually make you forget who you are. Keeping a positive attitude about your character won’t feel like you need to impress or please someone.

Here you are happy with yourself, not ashamed of your shortcomings, and appreciate your unique aspects.

You can cultivate your character by learning from those around you and having positive role models in your life.

You learn to love yourself for yourself instead of feeling insecure about someone you are not. Once your peers respect you, your uniqueness is visible to you because you are a leader among them.

An individual:

An individual crams to be independent, as well as learns to respect those around him and learn from his elders.

  • An individual would be exemplary wearing something they want to wear, as they are not afraid of others’ opinions.
  • Still, a follower would not feel comfortable wearing something like that, believing it to be a mockery or whatever else follows.
  • That person questions things like, “will this make me look weird?” or “what will they think or say if I do this?”
  • These questions begin to affect your decisions and thus make you someone who is liked by others. You start to lose your sense of personality and style and become someone you’re not.
  • Once it comes to the influences of others on your individuality, the results may not always be the same.
  • For example, wise parents and adults will probably advise you to be yourself and appreciate it, but your true character won’t always shine through among your peers.
  • When we are around people, we feel we need. We tend not to show them who we are and be someone who satisfies others, but rather to the exclusion of ourselves.
  • Nonetheless, these situations allow us to find others who make us feel like the natural person we are, which is essential to be ourselves.
  • Finding those special groups will enable you to grow as a person and helps you to be who you are because you are surrounded by friends who understand and accept you.
  • You blossom yourself. You start to find the courage to open up and let your character grow.

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