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Your skin has tiny fleabags called pores that can become clogged with oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt. When this happens, you can develop a pimple, sometimes also called a blackhead or blemish.

If you get pimples frequently, especially several at a time, you may have acne. In other words, acne is the casing condition that causes pimples.

Acne is very common. In detail, research estimates that 9.4% of people worldwide suffer from acne. In the Joint States, acne is the most shared skin condition, giving to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

Although acne does not pose a serious risk to your overall health, it can still be painful, especially if you have severe acne. Over time, acne can also cause scarring.

There is no denying that acne can contribute to emotional distress. Acne and acne scars on the face and other visible places on the body can affect self-esteem and self-confidence, and can even contribute to feelings of anxiety or depression.

If you live with acne, know that it is a mutual illness.

Keep in mind, too, that acne is actual curable. There are several effective treatments, so you have options to reduce the number of pimples you get and minimize the risk of scarring.

What are the different types of acne?

If you have acne, you may notice a mix of pimple types.

Blackheads and whiteheads, also called comedones, are the most common acne lesions.

  • Blackheads or open comedones break out on the surface of the skin. Oxygen in the air (not dirt) bounces the tops of these grains their darker appearance.
  • Whiteheads, or closed comedones, form raised bumps below the skin’s surface. They remain flesh colored.

Inflammatory lesions, which are more likely to scar the skin, comprise:

  • papules These small, red, raised knocks are caused by inflamed or infected hair follicles.
  • pustules These small red bumps have pus at the tips.
  • nodules These solid and often painful lumps grow below the surface of the skin.
  • cysts These large lumps under the skin contain pus and are often painful.

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